Frequently Asked Questions

What do I upload to 10glo?
That’s up to you! 10glo provides a platform for writers, actors, performers, musicians, and anyone else in theater to share their talent.

What’s the catch?
There isn’t one. 10glo is free for artists to upload videos and share their talent with the world. It’s also totally free to watch videos on 10glo and we’ll never ask someone for their email just to watch a video on 10glo. We don’t own or sell any of your content, our sole focus is on promoting you – the artist.

How exactly does the Trending page work?
The Trending page is a compilation of the most viewed, top rated, and newest videos on the site. Think: your twitter feed meets Broadway. The more views and likes your video gets, the more likely it is to end up on the Trending page (hint: sharing your video on social media or other websites helps to get new views and likes quickly!).

Where else can I get 10glo content?
For all things 10glo, follow us on social media (@10glotv), subscribe to our weekly email (we promise not to spam you!), and we’ll be launching a podcast very shortly.

What’s next for 10glo?
We have lots of exciting ideas and look forward to sharing them with you soon (check out our updates and bugs page for a sneak preview). If you’re interested in collaborating, send us a message (DM @10glotv or email us

What is #10gloChallenge?
In collaboration with Eisenberg/Beans Casting, 10glo presents our monthly #10gloChallenge. Each month we’ll announce a video challenge for users to create. Eisenberg/Beans Casting will select their favorites and videos will be highlighted on the 10glo homepage, Eisenberg/Beans Casting & 10glo social channels, and our weekly e-blast. Click here for more information.

What is the 10glo checkmark next to a user’s name?
The checkmark means 10glo has confirmed that this account is the official presence of a public figure, production, or brand.

Technical Help

What’s the maximum video size allowed?
Currently, 10glo is accepting videos up to 1.5 GB. If your video is larger than 1.5 GB, we’d recommend compressing the video before upload.

Is there a maximum number of videos I can have on my channel?

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